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Want to store your bike inside your home but want to avoid storage solutions that are expensive or require complex installation and set up?

Designed with convenience in mind Gripster looks after your bike and provides a hassle free alternative to the problem of interior bicycle storage both at home or at work.

Simply attach the product to your handlebar and lean it against the wall. Job done!

Protection to your bicycle grips and brake levers, scuff-free walls, and additional stability to your free standing bike without the need for any installation. 



  • Protects your bike and walls from repeated handle bar impacts
  • Provides additional stability without the need for complex installation or set up
  • Compatible with drop bars and straight bars of different shapes and sizes including adults and kids bikes
  • Compact in size and weight, the product is ideal for frequent cyclists and urban cyclists
  • Comes in a range of colours to complement your ride or suit your home interiors
  • Convenience at an affordable price. The perfect gift for the keen cyclist and the proud home owner